Photobook PRO 30x30

PRO 30x30

Photo book size 300 x 300 mm, Landscape orientation, Printed Hard cover, Inside pages on 160g premium paper.

We recommend the PRO series of photo books to anyone who wants to store a large number of photos in photo books. We recommend them for groups such as travel, birth and growth of children, family events, pet photo books, etc.

Recommended for users of smartphones, tablets and for users with less powerful desktop computers and for photo books with up to 400 photos.

Recommended for users who intend to use a large number of photos and want to have their projects stored locally.

According to many, the PRO series is the best ratio between quality and price.

Print type: Printed on Our modern Xerox production machines at 2400 x 2400 dpi.
Paper type: 160g Premium Paper (EU EcoLabel certificate)
Cover: Laminated bookbinding cardboard 2.5 mm with GLOSS plastic coating for additional protection.

Advantages: Design range from 20 to 130 pages. Your own design of the book cover in the front, back and spine.

Disadvantages: The transition from left to right is in the central area a hidden binding point. This means that when designing, we advise not to put the text in the middle of an open book. We can use a photo that goes over both open pages, but we have to be careful not to put it in the middle e.g. the person’s face or some other important segment of the photography. Due to the way the book is bound, it cannot be made with less than 20 pages.

Price list of photo book PRO 30x30

Regular price 39,9 € / 20 pages / additional page 0,65 €
Special Price 29,93 € / 20 pages / Additional page 0,488 €

It is not necessary to enter a promotional code to claim a discount when placing an order! The discount will be calculated automatically in the 3rd step.
Promotion duration: Until cancellation.  Prices include VAT. The price is valid from September 1, 2022

The cost of delivery is not included in the price and amounts. For delivery check list of countries with possible delivery and cost.

The production time for the specified photo book model is 4 to 5 working days. During the period of promotional offers, due to the increased volume of orders, the production deadline may be extended.

Priority order processing: If time is not in your favor, we are happy to help you as much as possible, so we offer you priority production for the specified photo book model. Before placing an order, you MUST contact us ( to discuss whether we can manufacture and deliver the product to you within the desired time frame.

For priority production, we will charge you an additional €7.90/photo book, which should be noted when placing the order if agreed in advance.

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