Photobook PREMIUM 20x15 Landscape

PREMIUM 20x15 Landscape

LayFlat Photo book size 200 x 150 mm, Landscape orientation. Printed Hard cover or bookbinding canvas in different colors. Bookbinding cardboard 5 mm. Inside pages 780g photo paper (Thickness 0.8mm).

PREMIUM series photo books with exceptional print quality with LayFlat binding for special occasions such as weddings. Excellent print quality and excellent appearance.

Recommended for users of smartphones, tablets and for users with less powerful desktop computers and for photo books with up to 400 photos.

Recommended for users who intend to use a large number of photos and want to have their projects stored locally.

Photo books Premium series printed on our Dry labs and on photo papers. They have the highest printing quality with LayFlat binding and is suitable for special occasions such as wedding. Quality print and impressive apperance.

Print type: On Our SureLabs made with new dry lab technology
Paper type: 2 x 250g photo paper + 280g cardboard (thickness 0,8 mm)
Cover: Laminated bookbinding cardboard 2.5 mm with GLOSS plastic coating for additional protection or bookbinding canvas - imitation leather

Advantages: LayFlat type of binding, which means that we can put a photo or text across the entire page in the book. This type of binding doesn't have hidden parts.

Disadvantages: The number of pages used is in the range from 10 to a maximum of 70 pages due to the thickness of each sheet.

Photobook Price PREMIUM 20x15 Landscape

Regular net price
58,53 € + VAT with 10 pages | Additional page 0,943 € + VAT

Info price with 20% VAT - 70,23 € with 10 pages | Additional page 1,132 €
Info price with 22% VAT - 71,4 € with 10 pages | Additional page 1,15 €

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Production time
Your PREMIUM series photobook order will be shipped within 5 to 8 business days after you place your order.

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