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Design your calendar Online

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Download our free software

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Special price for spirally bound calendars

40% discountfrom 1 piece onwards
discount coupon code:
(Valid to 01.10.2022)

for 10 pieces or more, contact us for an offer before placing an order.

When you have finished designing, place the product in the cart and then left-click on "PLACE ORDER". Follow the further instructions.
SPECIAL CODES (COUPON CODES and GIFT CARD codes), depending on the offer, are entered in the THIRD step for choosing a payment method.

Be sure to enter the coupon code when placing an order, because due to the way the discount system works, we cannot charge subsequently!

DON'T FORGET TO ENTER ACTION CODES IN THE PROGRAM Foto123 Creator! In the case of a campaign or other benefits where the code must be entered, you must enter it in the program, otherwise due to the nature of the program and the calculation of the discount will unfortunately not be possible to take into account.

Ordering items with DIFFERENT action codes

In the case of ordering TWO items at the same time, which have DIFFERENT ACTION CODES, place an order for each item separately and enter the appropriate promotion code for each item separately.
(Calendar - code: 2022 and eg photo book - code: PRO40) or various photo books (SOFT - code: SOFT50 and PRO - code: PRO40)
FOR DELIVERY: If you want delivery, choose delivery for only ONE item (to be paid only once) and NOTIFY us via email: that delivery has been paid for one of the orders and you want to receive both different products in one package .

Help with entering action codes (COUPON CODES)
When you have finished ordering, place the product in the cart and then left-click on "PLACE ORDER". Follow the further instructions.
SPECIAL CODES or COUPON CODES and GIFT CARD codes, depending on the offer, are entered in the THIRD step, the step for choosing a payment.

You have two fields for entering codes.
  • The first field is intended for entering the COUPON CODE (action code).
  • The second field is used to enter the gift card code.
If you want to redeem the code, you MUST enter it, due to the nature of the business and the operation of the program, it will unfortunately not be possible to take it into account later.
Be ACCURATE when entering. Case sensitive. To write the code, we recommend using the "Caps Lock" key on the keyboard. After successfully entering the code, you will be considered a discount or the amount of the gift card, and choosing the method of payment, proceed to the last step to confirm the order.

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